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During the Holiday Season allot of us try to earn some extra money to help off set the cost of our Holiday Gift Giving. Whether your a stay at home mom (or dad) work at home or work full or part time outside the house most of us can use some extra $ for the holidays!
The 80's were the years of "charge it! " and while we still may do that in a lesser degree today- it took allot of us
until the late 90's to pay off the "charge it theory " of the 80's!!

Here is some ideas, and as all ideas and jobs what works for 1 may not work for another!
These are just suggestions and listing by others also and not a guarantee of any kind.

Independent Representatives

This would be things like Avon and Brown Bag Gourmet Goodies and more. This is great if  your independent and like to work alone and can walk into places comfortable!

Avon ~
Cheryl your Avon Consultant

Jennifer Borne's I Moms Website
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extra income IN your home, not OUT of it. No Selling! No
Home Parties! No Large Investment! You get a FREE WEBSITE,
serious business builders OR those wanting just a little
extra income! WE CARE ABOUT HOME AND FAMILY! Start
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Brown Bag Gourmet Goodies -
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.                               Party Plans

While I do think all the reputable Party Plans out there a great, I also feel for you to succeed in 1 you must find the one that you love. ( Or at least like the most!)   It is
so much easier to sell what you like then stuff you don't!

Some require an up front investment and some don't. But the most important factor I think is do you have your hubby & kids support. Will it be a problem if you go out and do 2,3,4 parties a week? And yes the best part is you can say NO I will not do parties on a certain day!
Just remember to ask questions as no question is to silly to ask and has been asked before!
I have done a party plan for 5 years and found sometimes having a helper along was great!

LittleTownCandles Partner with us, sell some of your favorite products and earn rewards! Fundraising, Online Parties and Wholesale available. 
Purchase the highest quality products available Yankee Candles®, Root Candles®, AL Soy Candles® and Reflections® Accessories,.
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At Home America If you are looking for something that will allow you to be home with your children, set your own hours and be able to put your faith
and family BEFORE business, than this is definitely for you! Become a HomeStyle Specialist with AtHome America!  Email me for a copy of our FREE catalogs

Tupperware ~  2 great managers to serve you!
Victoria         *        Debbie

Heartwarming Creations
Country & traditional home decor items....Over 95% Handmade in the USA!

Petra Lingerie Petra Fashions is a party plan company specializing in the direct sale of lingerie and sleepwear

Don't leave the house and fill the needs of others!

Now this can be easy and can also turn out to be harder then it seems for some!
Here is a list of ideas but please check your local laws on some of them before you do them

1. If allowed do baby-sitting while parents shop!
Pick 1 or 2 nights a week, let's say Tuesdays & Thursdays and offer baby sitting for 3-4 hours. Set the price and let people know. You may want to do up an agreement for this with an emergency phone number. Some cites will allow you to have 2-3 kids over for a few hours without a license


2.Do peoples Holiday cards for them.
Most people do not really enjoy doing them and may for a few $ let you do it!
You address the envelopes for them and put on the stamps and the just have to sign them ( You can offer to do this too) Ask for return address labels if they have them and the peel and stick stamps. They supply everything and you  address them for them! Have then give you a list of name and their address book and your set to go. This is great for people who work full time and small business owners who send out lots of cards. Be sure to charge for your time!
EXAMPLE ONLY- 50 cards for $5 is .10 a card


3 Start a small " I'll wrap your gifts business"
Allot of people dread wrapping gifts! So why not offer to do it for them. I know when my kids were smaller they "knew" what wrapping paper we had so Santa's paper could not look like ours! Make a flyer saying how much per item, remember small is less paper then large items.
Have the person drop off their gifts, a list of whose name goes on what,  and have them pick them up the same day!
Make sure you have them give you a list and you check it with them, so you and them agree at pick up time how many items they left to have wrapped! Try not to have their gifts in your house over night if possible! And if you offer this to seniors please remember allot of them are on a fixed income so a senior discount would be nice.

4 We once had a friend who did peoples Christmas Lights for them for a fee. He did single story houses only and set the price to it included putting them up AND taking them down. The same guy also put bikes together for people the same year for a small fee.

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Have A Website?
Affiliate Programs can be an income!

     Here are a  few affiliate programs that you can
   earn extra $ from by adding them to your website

All Printing To Please Offers a good affiliate program!
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Affiliate programs  are easy fun and
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Other Ideas

Find a part time job outside the home.
Allot of stores are looking for part time Holiday Help! They usually start looking for Temp Holiday Help in OCTOBER!

And when you go be sure to be ready. Even if you may have not worked outside the house for a few you still should remember to take the basic things with you
1-  Dress Nice. You don't have to dress up but look nice and please leave the kids at home.
2- References, name, address and phone numbers
We all have friends and may know their street name to list BUT do you know their address numbers by heart?
Take a list with their info ~ this makes you look prepared.
3- The down side of this is they not let you chose certain days  or hours off. The upside is allot of places also give you an employee discount!


Have you seen a Party Plan catalog with things in it you liked? Consider having a party! The theory is easy. You invites friends over and make (or buy) a snack and the consultant does all the work. And you receive FREE MERCHANDISE! Allot of people have done their holiday shopping this way. You can always do a catalog party too! This can be a fun night with your friends especially if the consultant plays games for prizes!


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AGAIN- The above are "just suggestions" and it is up to each individual to look into each one themselves as ChristmasFromTheHeart.com does not guarantee or recommend you do any of them without YOU looking into
and researching  them yourself.

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