Ready for the next Holiday Season yet?

Okay even I admit that may sound funny so soon!
BUT...Come November will you remember what you bought your niece or friend last year?
* Keep last years list somewhere until you make this years new list!


Keep a list of who you gave what to this past Christmas or Holiday, plus who you received what from.
Recycled gifts can be a tad embarrassing!
If you keep a list of children's size in your gift notes ( oh sure we all have those!) Jot down the child's age he or she will be at the Holiday time for reference with toys and appropriate ages ( including video games and movies too)
Did you send everyone a card who sent you one? Good time to update your address book also! Any of the cards your received have your friends new address on the envelope or in a note inside?

Pick a Spot The best way to not loose those great gifts you have purchased months before the holidays is to pick a spot inyour house to keep them. A good size box in your closet may do well,
Plus add a note to each one as you buy it and store it as to who it is for! Don't forget to check themoff your list if you carry one with you.
* I prefer to NOT wrap them ahead of time unless they are for my children who can find them!. In that case I do not put a tag on them but wrap them and put a code on the back upper left corner.
( Expample C-1 is Chris gift #1 on my list)
Over time I have found this keeps me from having to unwrap a corner to see what the gift is.



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