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Free Printable's from our friends at the MouseConnection

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Free printable Christmas tags and lists-

Christmas tags
Christmas Card Lists

Christmas  Gift list

The gift list is great to carry in purse or wallet while shopping

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Other Stuff!

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     On a more serious note!

    Helpful Hints
Please do not get a friend a cute pet for the Holidays unless you know for sure they would want it!
Cute puppies and kittens grow up and are a lifetime commitment so please ask your friend or loved one 1st. Better yet take them with you & let them pick it out!


Poinsettia plants are pretty but also poisonous to pets and many cats tend to eat the Christmas tree tinsel.


Buying a child's gift
When you buy a small child a gift please look at the box of the suggested age of the toy. Sometimes parents say their children receive gifts that are to old for their young child, especially under age 3, and they end up being put away in the closet!
Give a age appropriate gift they will be able to use according to the childs age.


      Help brighten someone's Holiday!
The Holidays can be a sad time of year for some.
If you know of a senior or someone else who may be lonely please take the time to give them a call
just to say Hello and that you care!
It can make a difference!


Send someone a card!
Whether it is your family or a group you or your children may be in, send holiday cards to Senior Homes!
. They love getting cards and especially home made ones children color You can even drop them off in person!
Just please call the place you choose 1st to see how many are needed!




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May the kindness, joy and spirit of the Holidays be in your heart everyday!

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