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We have them listed by age and women, men & children
So if you see the idea listed more the once that just means it makes for
a great gift for more then 1 category! We have even listed gift ideas we may not even sell
as we think they are good ones anyway!!



  • Does a friend collect birdhouses ?HomeSpunshoppes has a great selection of them

  • Mother poem candle for the moms in your life! HomeSpunshoppes  

  • Journal! Women of all ages love to Journal!  The 5 Year Journal is a timely tool to enable you to journalize and plan the next 5 years. 5 Year Journal  

  • A Calendar. We all need calendars and if the special women could use a new one for the new year why not get her one that had things on it she likes! From ones with puppies to inspirational one and the list goes on this site has great calendars for all the women in your life! Specialty-calendars for 2005

  • Candles, Angels or Birdhouses for your favorite women! Visit HomeSpunshoppes 
     Gift Shoppe.

  • For the creative woman ~ If she likes to do her own recipe cards, Birthday cards and more I know the perfect Country Gift! This is a set of Country Clip Art by Lisa and can be used on websites plus so many more ideas! Find out more here!

  • Tote Baggs! For the woman on the go, a scrap booker or any gal could use a tote bag or wallet You choose the size and colors and even add features to them just for her! TuffBaggs has it all!
    They carry wallets that go on your belt for safe carrying. TuffBaggs has NEW Embroidered Bags!

  • Give MOM  her favorite perfume and/ or lotions for the Holidays, her birthday and Mothers Day
    Allot of us moms will not take the time (and money) to go buy all the things we like and use such as lotions, perfumes, nail polishes, lip sticks. Buy them and put them in a basket or pretty bag just for her! She'll love it!

  • Give her a gift certificate! Let her go and pick out things she likes herself or go with her and have lunch and make an afternoon of it! Allot of us moms feel a tad guilty spending money on ourselves.
    My mom loves it when I get her gift certificates to HER hairdressers!

  • Pretty in pink decor- HomeSpunShoppes carries some pretty  in pink things!
    Pink and white photo frame with bow adding a soft touch, Essence Of Spring flowers on this hand painted Watering Can Shaped Vase, Soft touch Rose design votive holder, 
    Birdhouse Style Potpourri Holder!

  • Candles at the General Store  and at HomeSpunShoppes  ! For mom or any women. Choose her favorite color and scent! Triple-scented and soy wax available!

  •                                                          MEN  

  • For the Fisherman in your life! Gone Fishing key holder wall plaque at Kricket's Krafts on the Misc. Page

  • Camping Gear- RJ's Camping World has every Type of Gear you may need for Your Outdoor Enjoyment.

  • Gift Certificates to his favorite place to eat or  a music one!

  • Candles! Men who live on their own buy candles too!

  • Cross Word Puzzles ~Does your favorite man like cross word puzzles? You can find them just about anywhere and from easy to hard ones with different subjects!

  • Merlin and Wizards! try looking at HomeSpunsShoppes Merlin Pages

  • Have a Golfer in your life? Kricket's Krafts has a whole page just for Golfers!

  • For the guys.........hand warmers, quilted flannel shirts and hunting gloves..

  • Wallet - Most men will wait until their old wallet is worn out to get a new one and then will most likely get it as a gift!



Couples and Men or Women

  • Gift Certificates  ~To their favorite restaurant or for movie rentals

  • Make a gift pack! Choose their favorite things, like a movie or restaurant gift certificate, a bottle of wine   (  Pepsi or sparkling cider ) and a few snack type things. The sky is the limit when it comes to ideas to put in a gift bag! Just remember to make sure it is things they both like if for a couple.
    Use a cute decorative bag available at most stores as the wrapping.

  • Candles! Who doesn't like candles! Candles at HomeSpunShoppes

  • Merlin and Wizards! Visit the HomeSpunSHoppes Wizards pages!

  • Have a friend who loves James Bond Movies  or Thomas Kinkade Paintings?
    We recommend Calendars for 2005! Visit Specialty-calendars.com !

  • Gloves ~ gloves are great gifts! Available in most stores



  • Discovery Toys has a great catalog! 

  • Tupperware has toys sets too and the ball with the shapes- listed on our sales page under Kids Stuff
    Towel Set or bed  spread or sheet sets with their favorite characters on them

  • Personalized Gifts! Visit All Printing To Please 
    Personalized photo frames, baby gifts, stationary, cards & invitation including Weddings, and so much more. Kids stuff includes baby announcements & invitations, party favors and personalized gifts.

  • Stocking stuffers for the kids! Toys,  balls, wheelies, sling shots, plush, jump ropes, sun visors!

  • Coloring books! Just about all ages like to color. Ever watch your children color and decided to take a break and color with them? Available just about anywhere. Plus for older ones the word search and cross word puzzle books are great.

  • HomeSpunShoppes has a new page just for kids and babies!
    From Space Shooter Gun - Has sound effects and flashing lights! with soft foam discs
    "48-PC ROLLING LABYRINTH SET" to Tween Scene Wire purse-  Pretty in pink grooming set for the Young Miss in your life! 



  • Gift Certificates- Teenager love music! Allot of mall now have them for all the stores in their mall

  • Merlin and Wizards! try looking at HomeSpunsShoppes Merlin Pages

  • Teen age girls- maybe start them with their holiday ornaments for their hope chests

  • Teenage girls- those sets of make up with blushes and eye shadows or the nail ones!

  • For the teen boy.....a camouflage mousepad?


Send us your favorite gift idea!

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