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Crafts for all ages


Photo Albums

 Ever wonder what to do with all those wallet size pictures?
Buy a small  size album at any store. They come plain and with some great designs.
Get some scrap book paper in different colors and designs. Cut the paper to the size of the album pages. And add a wallet size photo in the center.
Makes great gifts for Grandma's ( a brag book! ) and also nice to do 1 for each of your children as they grow.
Start a family tradition.
Scrapbooking paper  & glue sticks available at allot of stores or order it ~ 

Submitted by HomeSpunShoppes


  Old Favorite ~ Construction paper Garland

 Take colored construction paper and cut into even sizes. Depending on the size garland you want this can be from 3 to 6 inches. Mix then up so you don't have the same 2 colors together. Then either glue or staple them in a ring connecting them as you go. Makes great garland over doorways and mirrors. Allot of family Fun for all ages!
Optional- add stickers or glue glitter on  them to pizzazz them up but not necessary.
From FreeCandySticks.com


Pasta Christmas Wreaths  

Need: Small Paper Plates
A Variety of Different Pasta
Glue & Silver, Gold , green or red Spray Paint
Christmas Bow

Cut center out of the paper plate. Glue pasta noodles around the outer ring,  cover the paper plate.
Let glue dry completely Then spray paint the desired color.
Use a Glue gun to add the bow!
I still have the wreath my older kids made in Kindergarten we put out each year!
We store them in a gift box shirt size during the year with our Holiday decorations
From FreeCandySticks.com


Bead Tree Ornaments

You'll need:
colored pipe cleaners, beads (make sure the opening  is large enough  fit through a pipe cleaner
Thin colorful ribbon

These are  easy to make & fun! Great for almost  any age child.
Slip the beads onto a pipe cleaner 1 at a time.
They can be strung with a pattern , like red, green red, green or just pick any color for a variety
Don't forget to twist the ends, to  keep the beads in place.
These can be shaped into circles, candy canes, wreaths, bells etc.
When you finish  the ornament tie a  colorful ribbon on it with a loop for hanging.


Home Made Gift Tags

Buy some card stock paper. You can usually get these at any printers by the page.
Cut them into the size Gift Tags you would like, then let the children color them or use water color paints
Makes for a very a special gift tag designed by your children. Great keepsakes also! Add holiday stickers to them also available at most stores. Use your imagination and cut them out in different designs! Square  & rectangle ones, round for ornament shape , snow man shape and so on. 
Sent in by PenneyLanesTowneSquare.com



Wrapping paper 

Great for smaller gifts.
Needed: Brown paper (bags), sponges, water color paint. Stickers optional
Take brown paper bags from the grocery store and open them up at the seems and lay flat. Take sponges and cut into 2 or 3 inch pieces. Dip the sponges into the different color water colors and tab on brown paper.
Let dry. And  have the children wrap gifts with it using safety scissors to cut the paper.
Great family project around the kitchen table! Stickers optional as these will be pieces of art your children have created!
From HomeSpunShoppes



White paper
Dry sponge
Ballpoint pen
Water colors (red & green)

Draw a yuletide motif on white paper. Then, with your parents help, cut out and place on a dry sponge (one with tiny holes in the sponge are the best). Then trace the pattern with your ballpoint pen and cut out the shape (again, with your parents help). Then, dip in paint, squeeze excess paint out and blot onto either plain white or solid colored wrapping paper. You can stamp each sponge several times before re-dipping in the paint. This even dresses up plain newspaper wrapping! Great for any time of the year! 
From Our friends at NetworkOfConnections


Plain paper
Acrylic paint(s)
Marking pen

Take a piece of plain paper and fold in half. With the folded part at the top, it looks like a note card. Take the sponge and dip it into the acrylic paint which is in a saucer. Design on the front and also on the back of an envelope. Then take a very thin marking pen and write really fancy "Happy Birthday" or whatever the occasion is. Children love to make cards and it's also an easy way to have a card in a hurry! 

From Our friends at NetworkOfConnections


1 plain brown bag
Acrylic paint(s) or other Non Toxic Kid Safe Paint
Hole puncher
Twine or curling ribbon

Take a plain brown bag and a sponge cut into any shape. Dip into acrylic paint on a saucer and then place on bag and lift straight up. Use either one color or several. Allow to dry and then turn down a couple of inches at the top and use a hole puncher and punch two holes about 2" apart. Use either packing twine or curling ribbon through the holes and tie a bow. Makes a really cute country bag that is fun and inexpensive and easy to do. You can also use a stencil and stencil a design on the bag. This is fun for children since they can design it themselves! Can be used to give cookies or candies or gifts other than food items. 
From FreeCandySticks.com


Large (32 oz.) plastic drink bottles,-empty
2 or 3 sm. plants
Artificial flowers or bugs
Small stones
Potting soil

Soak the bottle in very warm water for a few minutes. Then empty it, pull off the colored bottom part and peel off the label. Clean the glue out of the bottom part. Put a layer of small rocks in the bottom part. Put potting soil over the rocks and then put in your plants. Be sure to press the roots of the plants down. Add more soil around your plants to fill the planter. Arrange pretty stones, tiny sticks, or tiny toy animals around the plants. Use a sharp knife to cut the top off the clear part of the bottle (about 4" from the cap). Turn the clear part upside down. Slip the cut edges into the planter to make a dome top. You can glue an artificial flower or bug to the dome for decoration. 
From Our friends at NetworkOfConnections


Save squirt bottles and make colored water using food coloring and water. 
Bundle up and go outside and create colored snow. 
From FreeCandySticks.com

Homemade Gift Tags for Packages 
or Gift Baskets

Save all of your Holiday Greeting Cards that you receive this year! 
After Christmas is over...
get out the following scrap supplies: Ribbon, Lace, Yarn, Glitter, Decorative Edge Scissors, Hole Punch and so forth. 
Wait until a rainy or snow day and set out the Old USED Holiday Cards along with Scrap Crafting Supplies. Have your children cut out smaller designs from the cards and decorate them with glitter, lace, ribbon and so forth. Use Decorative Edge Scissors (found in the scrapbooking aisle at any major craft store) to cut out the designs from your old greeting cards. 
When they are all finished use a hole punch to punch a hold at the top of your tag and insert ribbon, yarn or string for hanging! You have now recycled your used old holiday greeting cards and used up leftover crafting supplies.
 Store your newly made tags in a empty shoebox and when Christmas rolls around the following year you now have custom made Gift Tags that cost you basically nothing!

Submitted by: Shelly Hill ~  my.tupperware.com/Ravish30


  Christmas Ornaments Gift Box   

You can use little boxes such as a box from a bar of soap,
empty baking soda box, food  coloring box,  Any small boxes you may have
Wrap your little boxes in Holiday wrapping paper and attach a ribbon on it and use it as an ornament.
Hang it on your tree or make a centerpiece out of several of them
Or, use a long ribbon or string and then thread them through a piece it and use it as garland.
There are so many different things to do with it with the small presents.

Tub-Time Bath Crayons

You will need:
1 cup grated Ivory Soap, 1/4 cup warm water, Food Coloring, Plastic Cookie cutters
Or Recylce left-over pkgs. to use as molds

Mix water, soap & food coloring together in med. size bowl. 
Stir the crayon mixture until it begins to stiffen. Remove the mixture from the bowl and knead until it is the consistency of a very thick dough. Spoon Crayon Mixture into plastic cookie cutters or other plastic molds (playdough molds work great too!). Press down firmly. Place the plastic cookie cutters in your freezer for 10 mins or in your refrigerator for 30 mins. When firm, Pop the bath crayons out of the cookie cutters (or other molds) and allow them to air dry overnight or until hard. Then Wrap in plastic wrap or place them into an air tight container w/lid. Kids love helping to make these or make them as a stocking stuffer gift for your children!

Mold Ideas:
Ice Cube Trays, 
Cookie Cutters
Playdough Molds
Plastic Easter Eggs
Plastic tray left over from Candy boxes, ie. the plastic tray that comes in a valentines day heart box of candy.
Mini dishes from a little girls kitchen playset and so forth!

Submitted by: Shelly Hill ~Visit her site!   my.tupperware.com/Ravish30

Salt Dough Ornaments

You willneed:
3 cups flour 1-cup salt
1-cup cinnamon 1-cup nutmeg
2 to 2 1/2 cups warm water

Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add water a little at a time. Mix well until dough is formed. Roll to desired thickness and cut with cookie cutters. Use a large spatula to move to an ungreased baking sheet. Use a straw to make holes if you are going to hang them. Bake 1 1/2 hours at 225 degrees. Remove from baking sheet. Place on a wire rack and return to the oven for another 1 1/2 hours to thoroughly dry the bottoms. Paint with acrylic, tempera or poster paint and seal with clear varnish!

Submitted by: Shelly Hill ~  my.tupperware.com/Ravish30

Scented Country Primitive Potpourri

You will need
2 1/2 cups of unscented Rose Hips
1/2 mini pine cones, 1/2 cup of dried pods
1/2 cup dried apple slices, 1/2 cup of dried orange slices
1/4 cup of cloves, 5 medium sized cinnamon sticks
1/4 oz. of Essential Fragrance Oil (any scent)

Break cinnamon sticks into smaller pieces of approx. 2" in length. Combine ALL of the above ingredients in a disposeable bowl or disposeable container. Mix in your essential oil at a few drops at a time...wait 15 mins and add a few more drops. Keeping adding essential oil until you reach the desired strength of fragrance. Cover mixture with plastic wrap and let it sit/soak for 6-8 hours. Mix one final time and place in a glass jar, tin, ziploc bag etc. Tie a bow around it and add a gift tag. You have now made your OWN Country Primitive Rose Hips Potpourri!

Shelly L. Hill -Tupperware Manager


You will need:
1/2 c. liquid hand soap
1 c. epsom salt
5 drops glycerin
Few drops of food coloring
Few drops of fragrance

Mix well, shake right before using. Pour into bathtub while water is running and enjoy.
From Our friends at NetworkOfConnections


1 c. soap flakes or 1/4 c. liquid dish soap
1 c. water
1/2 tsp. cooking oil

Mix in cup or old juice can. Give kids a plastic drinking straw. This makes a good bathtub toy or outdoor play idea. From Our friends at NetworkOfConnections


1 c. salt
1 1/2 c. flour
1/2 c. water
2 tbsp. oil
A few drops of food coloring (optional)

Mix thoroughly and store in plastic bag or covered jar. Children can pull and pound it and cut out shapes with cookie cutters. If left to dry will harden and then it can be painted. Non-toxic. Hint: If kids dust their hands with a little flour before play, the dough won't stick to their hands. 


1 c. flour
1/2 c. salt
2 tbsp. cream of tartar
1 c. water
1 tbsp. oil
Food coloring

Stir flour, salt and cream of tartar in saucepan. Add water, oil and food coloring to dry ingredients and cook over medium heat until well mixed. 

From FreeCandySticks.com


1 c. cornstarch
2 c. salt
Enough water to make a thick paste

Stir while cooking, and cook until stiff. Allow this to cool, and cover with a damp cloth until ready to use. Coloring may be added before cooking or when molded; let dry, then paint with water color. --HOW TO CARE FOR CLAY:--

Clay can always be broken up, dampened, and used again - even after it has been painted. When it has been used, but has not been allowed to become hard, poke holes in the clay with your finger or with a pencil, fill these with water (to restore the original dampness) and place in an airtight crock or in a galvanized pail with a tight cover. A damp cloth placed over the clay will help to keep it moist until the next time. 

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